CTs Pendulum Bodybuilding

I’ve just started Christian’s Pendulum BB program, but have a question about one of the exercises:

On Structural Week 1 - Chest/Back Day one of the exercises is a ‘Machine Pullover’ I’ve never heard of this before (maybe I have but by a different name) and I couldn’t find it on the T-Mag site. Can anybody help me out?

It might be a decline cable pullover, its in this weeks issue, CT mutation series

I think it’s an old nautilus-style machine from the 70s. Your arms reach overhead, then you pull them down in front of you to your sides in an arc. My gym doesn’t have one so for this exercise I do barbell pullovers. You should be able to find pics of those on this site somewhere. They seem to work very well.

ya, that is what I used.

Awsome program BTW. My favorite is the third week…I like training heavy