CT's Opinion on This Approach?

Hello CT,

you have many different training approaches and in the past I used some of them. To make it short the "full layer " system was by far my favorite thing, however for the long time assistance exercise and bodybuilding stuff was missing. So I thought about combing different elements to create an approache for the long time which builds muslce and strength and solve weaknesses.

1.)mini- layer system (big exercise)
2.) assistance exercises (for the main lift)
3.) bodybuilding stuff (for the muscles involved in the layer exercise)

So CT do you like this idea? If yes can i ask some questions about it? :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for your time:)

I must say I absolutely like this training. Could you please give a tip or something I need to take care of when training like this ? I would really appreciate it!

For example today I did this:

Bench Press ramp 3RM
80% 20 reps as fast as possible

Incline Bench 38
Close - Grip Bench 3

Inline Dunbell Press 8-12 reps superset with Flies
Side raises- front raises- “bus driver” -8-12 reps
Triceps Pushdowns 3*12