CT's Newsletters ONLINE

Hey everybody.
I was up late last night making a web page so I could put CT’s newsletters online so the people who missed the first two could get them without having to ask CT to resend them. If he gives me the o.k. I will post the website URL and will update it with the arrival of every newsletter. Just wanted to check with him first to make sure he doesn’t have any objections.

Cool. I missed the first 2.

Yes, go ahead, no problem.

Thank you CT and ckeller14.

Awesome, thanks! Gimme the url…

Good stuff!

It would definitely help out for those who missed previous issues.

Awesome Thanks alot ckeller!


Sorry if the website is a little elemetary, it’s my first time making one.

The 5th newsletter is now uploaded.

The 6th one is now on the site.

7th issue is now up.

how do you sign up?

not sure if you still can, but i’m putting all the issues on the website i listed earlier in this thread

Thanks - appreciate your work to help us all out.

CT’s 8th newsletter is now uploaded onto the site.

u gonna have enuff bandwidth there?? cos if not I should be able to mirror it on my server (14gb of bandwidth a month :P)