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I was just re-reading through one of his awesome, free “Modern Strength” web issues, and I had a question concerning a statement made about hypertrophy. While on the subject of muscle-protein degradation, he noted that for hypertrophy, there must be an optimal level of degradation (obviously). While that is very easy to understand, I am just curious how to quantify the paramaters he gave. He cited that, for most people, the highest volume they can sustain without overtraining, (thus leading to optimal degradation) equates to a performance drop-off of 6-10%, meaning that your strength will decrease by 6-10% during the workout. Now, my main question is how do we exactly gauge that? Do we use weight, time (rest periods or time per set with a set weight) or anything else?

I just thought that that was a very interesting piece of information, and was curious how to implement it correctly.

I know CT is a busy guy, so if anyone else knows anything about this your help would be greatly appreciated.



the best in my opinion would be bar speed…but you need a pretty good spoter to observe…or a tendo unit(expensive)…

then you can go on to reps…say your doing 5 reps…when you can no longer complete maybe 4 thats your drop off…

or you can just substract 6% from the bar(+ your bodyweight factor for the lift) and keep doing say 3ples till you can get 3 reps

hope that helps

So what would a good time per rep be to use the bar speed measuring method? I know there is much discrepancy about TUT so would it not really matter, as long as you pick a certain time and set that as your point on which to measure?

Thanks for the reply,


well since those methods are more power oriented you would like to move the bar as fast as posible…

say 1 sec or less on the concentric part of the bench…

once you droped to say 1.06 sec you would stop
something like that…charles staley also recomends stoping at 6%…as does db hammer and jay schoreder

but its kind of har mesuring bar speed just by feel

Thanks for the help.

Does anyone else have any insight on this?