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CT's Method Made Me Jump Higher in 3 Days


and I still haven't done any Squat yet.

The feeling of doing a perfect rep is like lifting the weight without using the muscle (This must sound very stupid to many people.) but I really felt that it was MY MIND that was doing the reps.

I used to have a veritcal leap of 36" when I was still in high school but after entering university for 5 years (all those partying and drinking) made me so weak that I could not even touch the rim. My height is 5'6". I wanted my vertical back so badly so I started training for almost a year but didn't see any decent gain. I was frustrated.

And when I decided to just give up on my vertical leap and just train like a body building, I came across this T-Nation website and I read nearly every piece of CT's article and tried the perfect rep. This style of lifting worked very well on me. What I did on the first day was upper body pressing emphasising the chest and then I took one day off and the second day I did upper body pressing again but this time I emphasised on my shoulders. I still haven't done any squat yet which I will do it tonight. I am jumping AT LEAST 3 inches higher and can easily grab the rim.

What i am thinking is that to jump higher, the CNS and the mind are more important than the muscles. I am going to train like this for 8 weeks and see if I can reach a point that I can perform a dunk.

It would be much appreciated if anyone can give me advice or share their experiences.


I will be following your progress man. I wish you the best. In theory it should work well though. I would be interested in ct's thoughts.


Yeah strength training can do wonders for your vertical jump. Particularly if you are super weak to start