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CT's Mechanical Drop Set DVD

Here’s a repost of my message on Thib’s thread

"Hey guys, I know Chris mentionned it on the first page of his new thread, but it’s easy to miss and well worth repeating: is latest Mecanical Drop Set DVD is now available at MDT.

I was lucky enough to get a copy real early and used it for a workout or two. Goddamn it hurts! There’s some real good stuff on that DVD, plus CT offers a whole 12 weeks program with some bonus infos in the accompanying booklet.

You can find more infos or purchase it here: hey guys, just wanted to let you know that coach Thibaudeau’s newest Mecanical Drop Set DVD and booklet is now for sale at MDT. I got it real early and loved it. It’s a totally usable right now technique that’s sure to kick some ass in the gym!

You can view it here: http://www.muscledrivethru.com/product.php?171&aff=86"

I know Chris isn’t the kind to toot is own horn, so I’m giving the big guy a hand.

I’m interested in this prog. Any word on what’s in it" The bonuses? The booklet?


MorphingMatt wrote:
Welcome Back Coach,

Is the DVD on Mechanical Drop Sets related to the future T-Nation program or is it separate, hence two full muscle building programs?

Complicated issue… the T-Nation project is actually much bigger… probably the biggest thing that has been developed surrounding building the perfect body. It will not be just a program, it’s much more than that, it’s a whole system… which is include mechanical drop sets among other techniques.

The DVD comes with a 12 week program using the MDT as it’s base.

I ordered the DVD before I read this, darn it.

[quote]G87 wrote:
I’m interested in this prog. Any word on what’s in it" The bonuses? The booklet?[/quote]

What do you mean?

Well, it’s a DVD+ Booklet, I’m just interested in what’s included in the DVD, what’s in the booklet… The description on the website isn’t very informative! You also mentioned bonus info, so I assumed you meant info in addition to a 12-week program?

The booklet IS the bonus info, sorry if that was misleading.

The DVD contains CT’s drop set, demonstrated by his staff and narrated by himself. The booklet contains CT’s explanation about mecanical drop set, plus 3 phases of muscle-building programs spread over 12 weeks that shows you how to implement the methods and he outlines a dietary + supplementation plan to go with each phases.

He does go to great lenght of details and techical explanation to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the techniques. If you’ve seen his “Cluster” DVD, it’s about the same kind of teaching, with even more infos and a better, more comprehensive way of putting things into practice.


I actually bought and downloaded everything before you replied :slight_smile: It’s good stuff. I preferred the layout of Get Jacked Fast, to be honest, but the info is still great. I don’t know how “bonus” the booklet is! Seems pretty essential to me… Although, I only had a chance to skim over the video so far, so I can’t say this with confidence.

Anyway, another cool product and the DVD + booklet make it great value for a mere 35$. Can’t tell how good the results are (duh), but I have full faith in CT. He looks huge in the vid, by the way, so clearly whatever he’s doing worked for him :))

Yup, that’s one of the main reason I like this kind of material: readily applicable knowledge.

BTW, Thib’s got some great stuff coming up

[quote]Zen warrior wrote:
BTW, Thib’s got some great stuff coming up[/quote]

Care to elaborate?