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CT's Low Carb PWO on a Budget


im looking into CT's low carb pwo drink but it seems a bit pricey. so i was thinking just going with the creatine(5g),bcaa(12 tabs),and leucine(5g), and maybe L-glutamine from gnc.

i read he also had glycine but im on a budget, would this get the job done?


i just got my bottle of l leucine and Biotest bcaa. on the bcaa bottle it says to take 18 para traing, but Thib suggests 5 pre and 20 during with none post. arent bcaas needed post workout?


I have been using Surge since October of 2004. I used it both times I was on the Velocity Diet. Some people swear by it and some don't. I tweaked and changed my peri shake until I got it just like I like it. I have two formulas depending on goals and work load. I sip it in the car on the way to the gym (only two miles from my house), continue sipping it during my workout, then when I am finished I add one scoop creatine and slam what is left which is usually about eight ounces.

24 ounces of cold water
Two scoops of Surge
Two scoops of 100% Whey
One scoop of Superfood

"All out"
32 ounces of cold water
Three scoops of Surge
Two scoops of 100% Whey
One scoop of Superfood

I started adding the 100% whey based on a suggestion from Thib and liked the results and have kept doing it ever since.

It seems like the money you spend on putting yours together could be used for Surge. However I will give my opinion on your question but please keep in mind it is just that and I am not an expert.

I am not sure why you are after "low carb" PWO but some will not hurt. I would suggest powdered Gatorade (much cheaper in bulk from Costco/Sam's) since it does not contain HFCS. Using one scoop will not be a lot of carbs and will not be costly, especially if purchased in bulk. So I would try the following.

XX ounces of cold water
Five grams of creatine
Five grams of glutamine
Five grams of leucine
X amount of Gatorade powder
Wash down BCAAs

I am not sure why you are not using protein powder. Numerous studies have shown the vast benefits. But if you are not going to use protein I would think the above would at least get some carbs to drive the other ingredients into your muscles. However, in my personal opinion, if you are not going to use Surge I would recommend the following.

XX ounces of cold water
X scoops of 100% Whey
Five grams of creatine

While I do not believe that is optimal and would be much more beneficial with some simple carbs, I believe it would be money better spent than what you listed.



this is what i will be taking. i will be doing low carb because i will be cutting, and i will add whey i forgot to mention it. i will also consider using that powdered gatorade for flavor because Grow! whey and the powders will not be too tasty.

5 BCAA tabs, 5g creatine, 5g glutamine, 15g Grow! whey

20 BCAA tabs
5g glutamine

10 g glutamine
10g leucine
45g Grow! whey

on workout days i will add 2.5g or leucine to two of my meals, most likely post workout meal and breakfast and on off days i will add 2.5g of leucine to 6 meals.


OK. That makes more sense now that I know you are using Grow! whey. I understand about cutting but I don't think simple carbs after lifting heavy will hurt your cutting efforts. But if you want to keep them low then the powdered Gatorade used in a small amount will add some flavor without adding to many carbs.



Yes they will, and I'm speaking from experience! Stick to CT's recovery methods.

Maybe even try splitting your Glutamine.

This is what I'm doing:
3 Scoops Whey Isolate
20g Glutamine
5g Glycine
1 Large Orange (Vit C boost to help help PWO cortisol in check)

Night time/ Pre bed;
3 Scoops Metabolic Drive
20g Glutamine
5g Glycine.

Trust me, even simple carbs PWO can effect fat loss depending on your current BF%. Otherwise CT wouldn't recommend it. Don't add any Gatorade or anthing either.

Good Luck.



oh boy that is gonna be one nasty ass drink!


Doesn't taste bad as all. The Whey I get tastes really great. The Glutamine doesn dull the flavour a bit, but doesn't make it taste nasty, I could drink it all day.

And Glycine basically tastes like sugar. It's all good.



yeah but im using Grow! Whey.


I've never tasted it, so I wouldn't know.



I am also speaking from experience. I know, first hand, for a fact. If I limit my carb intake to vegetables, fruit and Fibersure other than Surge post workout I will lose body fat. Maybe I didn't use the best wording as I realize simple carbs even after lifting can affect fat loss. So understand my statement above is under the impression that the person "cutting" is restricting their carb intake, simple or complex, and is lifting and eating accordingly.

Simple carbs post workout may slow the process overall but I still don't think it will "hurt" your cutting efforts. Unless you are getting ready for a show where slowing your efforts would be the same as hurting your efforts.

For us "normal" lifters I still do not believe Surge will hurt while cutting. I know for a fact it has never hurt mine.