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CT's Info About Low Carbs

Hi. CT says in his locker room:

Even if a low carbs diet has a metabolic advantage over high carbs eating, if you consume too much calories compared to what you use, you will gain fat. That having been said, you can eat a bigger surplus on a low carbs diet than on a moderate/high carbs one.

I wouldn’t recommend cardio. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. It will slow down your strength and size gains, especially on a low carbs diet.

What I don’t understand is why you “can eat a bigger surplus on a low carbs diet.”

I thought the math was always true - if you eat 1000 cals over maintenece you will gain that much weight - is he saying that if you’re 1000 in excess with F+P you’ll gain less weight than if those 1000 were from P+C?

I would think it has something to do with insuline management. Also typically in lower carb diets protein intake is higher which raises metabolism somewhat.

Yhea it might be as simple as TEF and the energy needed to digest the low carb food generally meats and fiberous veggies.

I also wouldnt say its a GOLDEN rule for everyone. I know I went from a Low Carb diet to a more controlled carb fruit veggies oats etc an could eat more and lose fat.

But VLCD’s do work as well in the 20g or less for me and I can eat a TON. But strenght and mass gains are limited for me.

So in short as usual find what works for you and your goals


Im often amazed people can do the basic math but fail to understand whats possible when you put those calories in a amazingly advanced biological organism. You can’t accurately predict its response with basic accounting skills. You just get to pick the direction your body is moving.