CT's HTT Redox

Going to visit an old friend, CT’s High Tension Training, it is a program that I have always fell back on when I wanted to improve body composition but still do “real” lifting.

My recent neck problems prevent me from using the Olympic lifts, which are the mainstay of this program, but this thread:


yielded some interesting Ideas as to use more simple pressing, squat and deadlift variations, and achieve the same results.

the program calls for 3-4 “big” lift variations in a single workout, starting with an accumulation phase of 5-6 sets of 4-6 reps, for a few weeks, then an intensification phase of 6-8 sets of 2-3 reps.

at the end of a micro cycle(one week) hit a day that focuses on “remedial” work, for the areas that might have been neglected on the main workout days.

this Remedial day is also referred to as a “beach” day, a day that usually includes direct arm, delt and pec, calf, and abd work.

here is the break down:

day 1- upper press

  1. OHP variation (push press, strict military press)
  2. bench press variation (cgbp, floor press, weighted push up)
  3. OHP assistance (db ohp, machine ohp)
  4. BP assisatance (flat db press, db floor press)

day 2-upper pull

  1. chin variation
  2. row variation
  3. shrug variation

day 3- low body

  1. squat or dl
  2. squat or dl variation
    3.leg press or ghr(higher reps, 2-3 sets 10-20 reps)

day 4- remedial day

  1. direct biceps and triceps work
  2. delt raises
  3. abds and calves
    all for high reps

day 5 rest

day 6- repeat

on my t-hub I just posted some before pics. will see what happens after 4-5 weeks.

Will be reading along.

looks interesting and effective

ya k, THANKS.

thing is, if I remember correctly, the volume on this routine is so insane that even a crippled up old man like me can do real lifts (squats, deads, presses) because the loading is so light.

for example, yesterday, after doing 5 sets of leg curls, 5 sets of leg presses, and 5 sets of leg extensions, I did 100kg x 15 in the back squat, and 110kg x 10, and 140 kg x 6.

If I had started with back squats, I probably would have been capable of doing more than 200kg for reps, but with my problems, that would have had a high risk of injury.

this program demands a ton of volume, so you have to dial down the intensity quite a bit, WITHOUT having to go to a commercial gym and battle for the leg and chest machines.

I can do this workout pretty much in my garage.

sad that I still cannot do the OL’s though. :frowning:

Sounds like a plan Heavy! Are you going to be following any specfic meal plan?

nah…just table pushes, that is push my fat ass away from the table!

looking lean as hell brother!

Hey thanks Mike, I am about 3% away from goal now. Soon as I can see a vien in my gut I’ll say I made it…LOL