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CT's E-Books

How does the whole e book thing work? I want to get Christian Thibaudeau"s books but do not want to download anything to my hard drive. Is there any other way to get the info? I would not mind paying a little more to get them in print.

If it’s an e-book, it has to be downloaded. If you don’t want to do it )(for whatever reason), you can try bribing…err, persuading a friend to download it, and have them print it out (I suggest you supply the paper). As far as I know, that’s legit, but don’t quote me on it.

I know Biotest’s site was selling a few paper copies of the black book a while back, but I don’t know if they still do. You ought to check with them. As for the second one, it never came out in paper version, but you can still find it in CD version somewhere. For more info, why don’t you contact CT?

If you don’t want to down load to your hard drive fo to Kinko’s. You can rent a computer by the minute and download and send it to a doublesided printer. Then have them put a ring (black plastic) binding on it. This way ypu don’t have to worry about your hard drive.

why would you purchase an e-book and NOT want to be able to have it saved on your HD? this is crazy. if anything, burn it on a CD or somethin, it’s yours if you buy it!