CT's E-Book

Anywhere else to order it besides CharlieFrancis.com? I just tried there but PayPal seems to have complicated matters a bit as it won’t let me complete the transaction…thanks.

He stated thats the only place that will ever sell his “e-books”. In May, I believe, he’ll be releasing a print version.

I ordered the paperbound version of his new book 2 weeks ago, I emailed them today about what’s going on with paypal so we’ll see…

Same thing happened to me the first time I tried. Check with pay pal to make sure you are confirmed. The second time I tried, the order went thru. Great book for coaches.

Ah, apparently I’m still not verified, dunno how I can do that yet since I still don’t have the extended use number or whatever for PayPal…is there anyway to get around that? Thanks…peace

I’m not sure exactly. I know that the site wouldn’t let the purchase go through. I called my bank to verify that pay pal had deposited money in my account (which they do when you sign up). After that, the order went through. Email pay pal, they are really good at getting back to people if they have problems with the site.

I finally got the purchase to go through, but it won’t let me download it until the payment’s been verified. About how long will that take? Hopefully not too long, I just finished his first book today and am really looking forward to the second one…thanks, later