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CT's Black Book of Training?


  1. Does anyone know how to order CT’s “Black Book of Training Secret’s”, and if there is a synopsis on the Net somewhere?

  2. Were there also some available CD’s on training from CT? (I seem to have heard somewhere that there were).

  3. Is he offering any “package” deals like he had done once before?

I guess all of this could be answered on a Website! Does CT have one?

Thanks, guys!


Well, I found it at Charlie Francis’ site.


I originally purchased the book when it was available on T-Nation. However, I believe CT said it can be purchased through other sources (can’t remember where).

The original book did come with three programs (Body Comp, Strength/Size Blitz and Power program). I also think some of his ideas on training have changed since he wrote those programs (less volume).

Also, not sure if CT has a web site.

Sorry bro! I don’t have all the answers for you.

Thanks, guys!

Maybe CT could give us sort of an “update” on his material?

(The e-mails that appear on past articles seem to not be “active”).

I really like to read the work of the contributors to this site…they seemed to have reached that point of intersection between Science and practical application.

Many of them, (like CT), also “talk-the-talk” and “walk-the-walk”!


I’m on the fence for purchasing his other book “Theory” I heard it’s like cliffnotes of supertraining, which i would love since it would make understanding Supertraining so much easier

Mufasa, if you are talking about the cluster training dvd go there : http://www.christianelamy-muscle.com/

there is a link and a discount code for the dvd, hope this help.

I think both books are great! Must haves! If you have specific questions just PM me!

The hard copy of the Black Book was available at the Biotest online store but I dont think they have any left. No other online store has/had the solid copy although the pdf version is available at some other stores.

I am currently working on a new book which should be completed in 1-2 months. After that its availability will depend on me finding a distribution network as I don’t have time to sell them myself.

BTW, the new book will be more practical than the first two. There will be some science of course, but 80% of the book will be stuff that you can use in the gym right away.

It will be 50% bodybuilding and 50% strength/performance training.

There will be 10 complete bodybuilding routines (none of which have been published); several strength training templates; a chapter on GPP; a chapter on correcting weaknesses in the 3 powerlifts and 3 olympic lifts (snatch, clean, jerk).

Oh yeah, every single exercise used in the programs will be explained and pictures will be included for all of them.

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:

Also, not sure if CT has a web site.


yeah why doesn’t he?

Sounds good!
What would be the best way for us to find out right when the book comes out?

I’m going to subscribe to this post, but are you also going to be able to advertise it somewhere on the home page?

After reading some of your articles, I’d definitely want to get that book as soon as it comes out.

Are you going to cover sprinting or energy-systems work again in the new book? I loved your article “running man” and started sprinting recently mainly due to that article and have noticed many possitive results with it already.

I’d prefer a hard copy, but I’d rather get a soft copy if it means I could get that sooner.

Sorry for all the questions, I just got excited when you mentioned what you’d have in the book. I’d like to eventually make enough templates to allow me to cycle between strength training/power lifting, adding muscle mass, and shedding fat, then back to power lifting and so on…

[quote]bigpump23 wrote:
Nate Dogg wrote:

Also, not sure if CT has a web site.


yeah why doesn’t he?[/quote]

I don’t have time to put out a good web site. I have a new job training over 400 athletes at a new performance center, this alone takes 40 hours out of my time per week. Then I have to train my pro athletes, design training programs, work on my new book, write articles, answer questions in Prime Time and spend some time with Christiane … oh yeah, I have to train too!

I could have a web site but it would be updated something like once per month (if that). Personally I prefer not to release a product (or web site in this case) if it’s going to be second grade.

One of your admirable qualities, CT, is your attention to detail and the fact that you put 100% into everything. But at some point, such as right now when your career has taken off, you should consider letting go a little. I don’t mean lowering your standards or putting out crappy products. What I mean is delegating some of the work. You don’t need to design a web site all by yourself - have someone do it for you based on your general guidelines. I would even bet that there are some out-of-work computer gurus here at T-Nation who would be willing to contribute. And from reading the responses here, I get the sense that most people aren’t looking for another T-Nation site with daily articles and updates. That’s what T-Nation is for. I think all people want is one place where they can go and find out what products you offer and where they can purchase them. A monthly update would be more than adequate and probably unnecessary; you would probably need to update the site only when a you came out with a new product. Right now, the only way we hear about a new book or DVD of yours is if you post it on one of the T-Nation forums. This isn’t bad initially, but eventually, the post gets buried. A web site would be more permanent.

Anyway, hope you don’t mind some free business advice. I figured I owed you for all the advice that you have given.



I’ll wait for the new book…!

I love practical advice that is based on science…to me, you and JB are the best!

A lot of the advice out there is either a) anecdotal, useless and/or dangerous or b) useless because some “internet expert” is unwilling to “push the envelope” a little, but would rather piss on other people’s work and advice using every little article and limited study they can find.

I don’t really have the time and/or patience for either…which is why I look forward to you, JB and the work of many of the contributors to this site.

Please keep us updated!