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CT's Black Book Impressions?


I'm interested in the Black Book of Training Secrets that CT has in the Biotest store.

Has anyone bought it yet? Any impressions?


I bought it two days ago. It should get here tomorrow I think, maybe Friday. Looking forward to it!


Very easy read and has a lot of great ideas to incorporate into training. He has cool photos and the book covers a wide variety of topics.



Agree. Definitely a good book that should be in your library. Also goes into Accumulation and Intensification blocks and has sample training programs.


Same as everyone else, well worth the buy!

He goes into more detail on some subjects he has only touched upon on T-Nation.



Excellent Book. His follow up is awesome for athletics.


It may not have the flashiness of a Human Kinetics title but its great having all that info in one place. There are some great bits about the olympic lifts.


CT writes in a way that "dumbs" things down for most people. I don't know about anyone else, but when I read stuff like SuperTraining or anything similiar, I get a headache. So it is always nice to read something that has ALOT of applicability, yet easy to read and comprehend.

Lots of good info in this particular book as well as his 2nd book.


I've bought books before where you read it once, get the main idea, but you generally don't need to keep referring to it. You see a lot of these types of books being sold as "used" on Amazon. CT's book is the exact opposite - it is a reference book that you'll keep and consult time and again.


Well thats enough for me to be sold on. Thanks. I appreciate all the input. I'll be sure to add it to my next order.