CT's Bicep Workout in Newsletter

Three questions -

  1. Elbows fully flexed, is that top or bottom of movement?

  2. Can you do that workout twice a week?

  3. Are you supposed to be able to finish it without dropping dead?

Elbows fully flexed is at the top of the curl.

I would not do this more than once a week because it is pretty high volume and intensity.

If I asked you to flex your bicep, would you keep your arm straight?

If I was asked to flex my biceps, I would ask two questions. 1) did you mean contract my biceps, because muscles don’t flex, joints do, and 2) if so, contract which one? L or R, femoris or brachii?

Well loopfitt, let’s see, my first thought after reading your response was, hmm, must be a UGA or OU fan, second thought was to answer with, “no, I’d think you were gay”, but, I’ve decided to refrain from being a smartass and will simply say that I have never heard the phrase “elbow fully flexed.” I assumed it meant bicep contracted, but wanted to make sure, since the article did not say “bicep fully flexed.” Didn’t know if the point was to get a good stretch at the bottom of the movement.