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CT, Your Thought Regarding Pre-Session Stretching

Hello, again, fine sir. I have been a trainer for almost 10 years. Always worked in/for franchise clubs and under a strict (usually 30 minute) time restriction. As such, I’ve had the client warm up and do light stretching on their own. Well, I was just hired by an exclusive club in the Dallas area, and they want me to stretch the client at the beginning of our session. I’ve read Brad Schoenfeld’s books, and he’s for post training stretching. I’ve been a fan of yours since you appeared on T-Nation, but do not remember if you’ve written anything on the topic. So, out of curiosity, how do you handle this?

It depends on the neurotype…

Types 1A and 1B are likely to have a decrease in performance from pre-workout stretching, especially type 1B. Mostly because they need to activate the sympathetic nervous system and stretching will activate the para-sympathetic system. It might make it harder for them to get “in the zone”… On top of that, type 1B rely heavily on the stretch reflex (they have a higher level of acetylcholine which increases the sensitivity of the muscle spindles/stretch reflex).

Type 2A should only do stretching if they have a specific mobility issue because too much of it will decrease performance.

Type 2B can do stretching pre-workout and it will not have a negative impact on the workout.

Type 3 NEED pre-workout stretching/mobility to perform optimally.

If you HAVE to do pre-workout stretching with clients who are Type 1A or 1B (or 2A) I recommend loaded stretching,

@Christian_Thibaudeau Wow, thank you so much.
Looks like I’ll need to hone in on diagnosing the clients neurotype through conversation, as you do.
Much appreciated.

CT, would a certain neuro-type be prone to injury from stretching pre-training or is that an individual flexibility issue?

It seems many times I stretch too much pre-wo I tweak something especially stretching legs and lower back tweaks. Could be I am too flexible?