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CT, Your Current Vitamin D3 Intake?


Hey coach,

Just got a question concerning your current Vitamin D3 intake. In your recent videos you are pretty tan. I remember reading about a year ago that you were taking about 20,000IU of vitamin D3 a day for a few weeks and were going to then drop it 10,000IU. Seeing that you obviously have your bases covered regarding sun exposure, I was just wondering if you are still supplementing with D3 and if so how much?



Sun exposure or spray tan?


ONLY way to really be sure is to test serum D levels in blood via test. It's not expensive just get your 25 hydroxy D level tested thru a reputable lab. For someone else to tell you their intake is not helpful as each individual and their circumstances are different.



I'm aware of this. I just got mine tested and they were at 70nmol/l. I want to get it up to at least over 90 even over 100. Poliquin says that the higher you are in the normal range, his normal range of 80-100nmol/l, the better off you are in terms of health, hormones and building muscle. Well, the longer I have been taking D3, the better I have been feeling so I am going to keep it up til I hit 100nmol/l.

It took me 3 months of supplementing with 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day to just get to 70nmol/l. I will continue taking 10,000IU for another month and see where I am at again. If it is not moving I will up the dose to 15,000IU a day and go from there.

The reason I am curious is just to see what CT had been doing with his D3 supplementation.


It's actually a real tan... sadly... I've been working on making myself go back to my regular skin color for about 6 months now. I'm almost back to normal, but I still look pretty dark.

In those videos I am darker than when I used Pro Tan for my competitions!


I stopped taking it in May. I went to the Dominican Republic, then Vegas and when I got back it was summer here... had to do a lot of yard work so during all this time I got plenty of sun exposure. Then in Colorado my wife and I spent plenty of time outside.

I will start taking it again next week since winter has started here (well not official winter, but winter climate and reduced sunlight time). Probably at 5000-10000 IU per day.


You look like you've spent some time in a coal mine. Just kidding.... I'm jealous actually because I just burn.