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CT Vs. Waterbury Programs


I have been back training 4 months now after a layoff of about a year and lost 15kg (119kg down to 103-4 kg)and 8 inches of my waist. So far I have done 2 accumulation and intensification blocks for Shoulders Overhaul and got good results on a 6 day split (to keep burning fat as often as possible).

I'm thinking about switching to ABBH I and II for a change of pace and was wondering what other people who have tried either/both programs think about them, and how they compare?


Personally, I've never done a Chad Waterbury program but have done a HFT program I devised myself. I must say that the strength gains are great, but for hypertrophy the Superhero program I am doing by CT is unreal for hypertrophy. It's the first time my delts and traps have grown in about 3 or 4 monthes and it's been 3 weeks, christ it's unreal. Strength is rather good. Intensity is nice.

I prefer "doing" CT's programs because I don't really have as much fun with Full bodies. But I WILL be doing both kinds, I think that the reason I started progressing again is due to changing things up that way. I went for a mon(delt/chest/back/traps)/tues(legs, arms)/thurs(same as mon)/fri(same as tues)split for about 4 weeks, then went to full body 3x a week, with intensification blocks fir 12 weeks, and am now doing "Superhero" I'm having great gains now.


I was wondering when someone would ask the inevitable question...

the answer:


You can't go wrong with either. Both offer excellent gains. I have done some of CT's programs in the past with great results - right now I am in the middle of CW's high frequency program and it is ridiculously good. The bad part is that it is a full-time commitment with all the food you have to eat to fuel recovery. However, the gains come fast and furious.

I think the best thing is to just mix them up. When you get bored of doing CW full body routines - then do some of CT's routines till you get bored and then try something new. You can't go wrong, I guess.


OK makes sense thanks. I'm going to do shoulders overhaul one more time, then give ABBH a try.


It truly makes limited sense to me why some people seem to "only" follow CT or "only" follow Waterbury. Their are many ways to get bigger/faster/stronger. This is about as smart as only reading Berardi articles or only reading Lowery's articles. Why not take the good stuff from everyone? While you may be specific in following ones approach your not going to be doing the same thing in your diet or training for forever. Besides, it's just plain more fun to mix things up strength coach wise! You got two of the best coaches in the world giving you advice, along with many others such as Alwyn, Don Alessi, Poliquin, etc times a lot here, I like trying a bit of everything :slightly_smiling:


Well said!