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CT the Powerlifter


while looking for something else I came across a website showing a pic of you and your powerlifting diet:

was this a snapshot of your diet from the past or did someone make the whole thing up. It is written to look like you submitted that.

Just curious :slightly_smiling:


haha that looks more like my diet more then somthing CT would eat.

great now Im craving cheese and crackers.

but seriously theres no supps. It is maybe an ok diet.

don't bielive everything you read on the internet


didn't say I believe it, but CT wasn't always a BB, and he has mentioned some of the diets he had in the past. Including when he was away and was forced to eat milk all day because the rest was so bad.

More curious if he even knew about that site and that they used his name.


Well look at the pic... lots of things have changed! This was 10 years ago. I was not a powerlifter, I was an olympic lifter. And I wasn't exactly lean... around 18% body fat.

I also used to pig out on donuts, doesn't mean that I advocate that right now :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminding me how much style I had back then!


"creatine and grape juice", that is probably ten years old...


I think I Bodybuilder 2.0 is going to feature goatee enhancement for radically sexy hypertrophy.



Wow you REAAALLLYYYY liked milk lol.

Good god i thought i used to drink alot !


Awesome to see the progress you've made in that time, both in performance/physique and diet/supplementation.

Nowadays, how does your lower body maximal strength compare to your Oly days?


I actually drank so much that I eventually became intolerant to it.


holy shit are u serious, that pic makes u look like da vinci or something hahaha, nice Thibs, but why the cheese and crackers?? and you were 10% BF, theres the bodybuilder in you. :slightly_smiling:




The article says 227lbs with a bodyfat percentage of 10.2%....you got that with that diet? Nice lol

Some crazy diets on that page


Funny... I was actually measured at 10.2% when I was competing as an olympic lifter. I was measured by a university professor. But he used a 3 site formula which ended up being rather imprecise since I later measured at 19% (after the article was written). I was 20 at the time, give me a break!


The Beauty of the internet, nothing ever goes away.

BTW, whats better OVT or The Superhero program :slight_smile:


Doubt you cared much being an Olympic Lifter.

Quite the accomplished athlete you are, congrats !