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CT: Thanks for the BP program

I’ve taken the last 15 weeks to “peak” my bench-press.

I started with a max of 225#, and after 8 weeks on your program, I got 255#. It was weird, though, because I could 18" press like 235# for several reps. I figured that I just needed more specific work.

Anyway, I plugged 255# into the Russian Squat Routine (done for BP), and I just hit the max day yesterday. (Every day in the program felt really light, BTW). My projected max was 270#. I hit 290# (!) with no problems, and I think after an “unloading/taper” week, I will hit 300# with no problems.

I attribute the overwhelming success in the RSR to the pressing strength I developed in every portion of the lift due to your program.

Thanks a lot! Now I’m studying the “Beast Evolves” article and the Black Book to see how I’m going to design the next 12-16 weeks of my programs…

Dan “Still Astonished” McVicker

Dan, that’s truely awesome … delayed gains like that are not that uncommon because my programs are very hard on the CNS, so what happens is that once you switch to another program you get a rebound neural potentiation sort or speak which allows you to progress at an astonishing rate. Sad thing is that oftentimes, it’s that second program that get all the credit!

first of all I would like to say that CT your articles have been a really good read. Im lacking in the pec department, I have a max flat bench of 225, which is very close to Dan’s. My shoulders and triceps are also much more dominant than my chest when benching. I just read that dips would be better for me to concentrate on.
I was wondering if you or dan could fill me in on the bench press program that dan used, or if you could suggest one that would be better for me


CT’s bench routine is in his Black Book; I doubt anyone would want to give this information out for free.

The Russian Squat Routine is freely available on several places on the internet, and some include javascript applications that will calculate all the weights for you. Charles Staley wrote an article on it in an older T-mag issue.

Dan - You’ve hit on something good. Since CT’s bench program was so intense, the first week of RSR, which is fairly easy, probably acted like an unloading week for you, followed by a second round of increased volume and intensity. You’ve stumbled on a periodized program stack.

I would like to see another comment, too. My bench could use some work.