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CT, Still Doing 'Busy Conjugate'?

I really like the layout and thought-process behind your “Busy man conjugate training” template.
I prefer a loose structure, but I lose focus if it’s TOO loose. Additionally, I need sessions to be short (30-40 minutes-ish) due to time constraints.

I’m highly curious about what your own personal template looks like these days?
(At the same time, I understanding if you’d rather keep it to yourself. as I’m sure your answer will entail a myriad of questions about that current approach - and how to combine it with “The best damn…” series, and what to do if it’s leap year, and if you can make it a 2,5 days program because you turn into a werewolf every Wednesday which messes up intermittent fasting.)

By the way, in retrospect, would you change something about your modified conjugate template?

Thanks in advance and for your time.

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