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Ct. Rockula, How Do You Train?


You claim to be 19, 5'10, 320 lbs.

you have also implied many times that this is at a reasonable bodyfat (15-20%)

-what are your best lifts?
-how many calories do you consume a day?
-do you follow any kind of diet/nutritional plan?
-what is your training like? (split/days per week etc)
-what are your goals?

-you claim to have trained since the age of 5 years old:
-what training were you performing as a 5 year old when you first started?
-what was your training like between 5-9?
-how did your training change once you hit puberty?

-are you really a vampire?
-do you really own a hearse?
-do you really own a nightclub?



I don't think anyone deserves a thread until they've shown pictures of themselves.


1st post calling someone out? I'd like to see clear pics of Ct. more than anyone, but whoever this is apparently need to create a new username to call someone out.

Grow a pair and do it under your regular name.




good observation. I have no problem asking the man to post up some pics. I have a feeling he's way underestimated his body fat, could be wrong, time will tell



that didn't even cross my mind at first. that's a little rediculous that someone can't call osmeone out on an INTERNET forum, would be sad to see what happens if OP tried to confront someone in real life.

however, OP does have a good point. and yes, i would love to see pics of ct rock. and probably video if he claims any lift higher than mine, lol.

in anycase, i'm PM'ing this thread to him, so i'll make sure he knows what's up.


I've been calling Ct. out in threads for a couple months now but the most he has given us is a far away picture of some fat guy who doesn't look like he trains. Then he posts about drop dumbbell curls where he drops 80 pounds dumbbells, catches them in mid air and curls them back up.

Anyone who has been taking this guy seriously needs to have their head examined.


Isn't he a swinger?


lol, did you ever get to see that vid of him jacking off in his "hearse?"



About the only picture you're gonna get is a blurry camera phone of a arm with about 8 inches of fat covering it...if you get even that.

But you'll probably get a bunch of excuses because he's a fucking VAMPIRE ...and well I am not sure what kind of excuses they pull but rest assured, it will be stupid as shit.


Rockula is a fraud

this dude was a virgin 6 months ago with some picture of what looked to be a white guy doing cable crossovers

now he's some vampire wannabee, entrepreneur, girls gone wild party guy... and black. not buying it.


another person i dont take seriously at all is Tribunal Dude. somehow he knows everything about everything from powerlifting epidurals to reptilian overloads and makes himself out to be a 6'2 260 pound street fighter/ghost hunter/chemist/conspiracy theorist


According to his log he just banged out 15 x 100 yard sprints. That seems like a lot for a such a big dude.


So I was relaxing just writing a poem and randomly I get a pm from the MacDaddy that is entitled Thread. I click the link, and what is it? A thread that has some new guy calling me out. So String Cheese I'll answer your questions.

The history

So big so young?

I started training when I was around five, so I'm not young in terms of lifting experience, only chronologically. you didnt list the years training, ya kno everyone's chilhood isnt sunshine and rainbows

Training history?
pretty much oly lifts for the most part, incline benching, squats. up until late yast summer I was never interested in bodybuilding...in a way I'm not totally into it

but anyway I wanted to change my body and incorporate some iso lifts in so I can stop looking like the brick guy from fantastic four.

my faja always trained my bro(who is 23 and 285 at 6'2 has always been into bbing) and I with the low rep high volume 10 x 3,4,5 twice a week for years switching it up every now and then

but that was pretty much it high volume o-lifts

consuming large amounts of cals?

um get more food! duh, are you serious?

and I'm 320 coming off a cycle of SD, I used it fr the first time in april and I'm finishing up the pct this week

not much of a diest history
My family hates all resturants so I've always had home cooked food and none of the diet that is typical

best lifts?
as of late the pullover floor press, I just love how it feels
sets of with no assit currently

some interesting facs about me?

I'm a masochist and I used to cut myself


LOL his profile says years training 16...so he's been in training since he was 3?


I dunno man... tribunaldude hits the nail on the head all too often...


i'm closing in on 20, so i started training at 5



rock. one decent full body pic man. that's all i'm asking for.


dont take me seriously, like i really give a fuck


He definitely trolls around the off topic forums for fun (admittedly) but I agree, when it comes to bodybuilding he's usually spot on.