CT, Remote Coaching?

I’m looking to get a lot stronger, I have developed my strength pretty good (395 back squat, 290 cj, and 240 snatch) but it’s not enough. Everytime I run a strength cycle, I either get hurt or don’t get better. I am looking for personalized help with programming. Do you do remote/satellite coaching at all? Thanks for any light your can shed on this topic.

CT’s said many times he doesn’t do that. He’s been offering lots of detailed o-lifting/technique critiques though which is nice.

What’s funny is he’s one of the few out there that fends off potential clients (we’re all pretty much wanting his training) while others out there, way less qualified, hunt for the $'s.

That’s because I tried to do it once many years ago (at least 10) and could never offer a service quality that was up to my standards.

I might offer it in the future if I find a way to provide somethin that I am satisfied with but it is not the case at the moment.

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Ok, thank you both for the replies. I have been trying to find out for a while now. I would like to know if you change your mind in the future. Thanks.


I might consider trying it out. I found an app that might allow me to offer he kind of interaction that would be effective. But I need to test drive it first with a few people.

I’ll volunteer as a Guinea pig :smile:

I’ll be a test subject, too :wink:

I offer myself as a volunteer to.

Awesome, well obviously if you need someone to test it out on shoot me an email. Thanks.

You sign me up for that…and sign me up immediately. :grinning:

Now this is one test I for sure want to be a part of!!!