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CT, question about routine

CT, I realize you are a busy person, as I sent you an e-mail but recieved no response so I thought I’d post my routine here and ask for your thoughts on it because I figured it a better chance for it to get looked at by you. I play football and have 3 years weight training experiance, if that is of any help.
Sprinting is done in the morning, weights in the evening.
Conditioning is in the form of sled dragging, high rep dumbbell snatches and clean, and strongman exercises at the end of workouts.
2 min rest between all sets and exercises unless otherwise specified.
Day 1
Altitude Landings-3x10
Snatch Grip Isometrics-3x3
Power Snatch-5x3
Snatch Pull/Drop Pull w. 8 depth jumps-5x1
Box Squat 2x3 w/ 3 explosive Box Squats-3x3
Snatch Grip Vertical Jump w/ 8 box Jumps-3x3
Sprint 5x10m(1:15 between reps)

Conditioning-30 sec between drags
Fwd Drag-5x
Walking Lunge-5x
Backwards Drag-5x

Day 2
Altitude Landing Bench-3x10
Altitude Landing Pull-Ups-3x5
Explosive Reverse Hypers-3x6

Day 3
Military Press Isometrics-3x3
Split Jerk w/ 5 plyometric push ups-5x3
Push Press-3x3
Isometric hold 1 in off chest w.5 clap push-ups-3x10 sec
Machine w/ 5 depth push-ups-3x6
Plate Catches-3x6
Sprint 5x20m(2:30 between reps)

Conditioning-1 min between sets
High rep Snatch-2x20(each hand)
High rep Clean and Press-2x12

Day 4
Explosive Reverse Hyperextensions-3x6
G-H Raises-4x6

Day 5
Altitude Landings-3x10
Clean Grip Isometrics-3x3(at each three positions, 3 reps of 10 sec)
Power Clean-5x3
Clean Pull/Drop Pull w. 8 depth jumps-5x1
Ext. Trap Bar Deadlift(hold for 30 sec at bottom on last reap)-3x3
Single Leg Hyperextensions-3x6
Sprint 5x40m(5 min between reps)

Conditioning-1 min between sets
Rock throw verticle-5x
Rock throw backwards-5x
Rock throw forwards-5x
Overhead Rock throw at ground-5x
Car push/pull(push 50yards, pull back)-5x

Day 6
Altitude Landing Bench-3x10
Depth Push-Ups-3x3
Clap Push Ups-3x6
Drop Pull-Ups-3x6

3x10 alittude drops?! ouch

30 sec breaks between reps

Yeah but not with the frequency and volume your using!

I think you serevly underestimate how intense these shock methods. Can you say patella tendonitus? :slight_smile:

I hope your well prepared in training age, and strength levels, although it depends on the height as well…

Really? twice a week for three weeks, then dropped during the unloading week is too much? The other altitude landings are for upper body…maybe that confused u…