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CT: Prowler for Fat Loss


CT i saw a clip on youtube of the indigo bootcamp which really caught my thinking !! where you said to professor x you trained sebastien cossette for his first show and had him do prowler work every morning at 7am for fatloss and did this because pushing the prowler sends a signal to the body to use fat and protect muscle mass could you elaborate on this it blew my mind and how to organize this into a workout i would like to do this first thing and layer workouts in the pm thanks all the best


Man, when I trained Sebastian the prowler didn't even exist so you are confused, I never used the prowler with him. I might have mentioned him in the video, but sometimes I confuse the names of the guys I trained.

The guy I used it with was another amateur bodybuilder, who was also very good but decided to stop competing. I also used prowler work with Daryl Gee when I trained him for the olympia. He did zero "traditional cardio".

As for the specifics of the workout, I can't always give out complete programs to everybody, especially since that prowler "program" is about 3-4 years old, so I do not remember it.

It was probably something very simple like 6- 8 sets of 30m pushing forward and 6-8 sets of 30m pushing backwards.


nice one CT legend