CT Progression Model For Main Lifts

CT, this isn’t an old program of yours, rather a progression model you outlined a few years back. I was thinking of introducing it to a friend of mine and possibly using it myself to work on the safety squat and dead-squat. http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/1115

I had two questions about it though…

  1. On the second option you say that you can start another cycle with the same lifts adding 10 more lbs to the top weight, so now the top weight you use is TW+20. Was that a typo? shouldn’t it then be TW+10? or did i misinterpret that aspect.

  2. You had mentioned that the way to progress and the method of progression could be modified with this. Could you possibly speak to that? If its something you don’t want to get into i completely understand though.