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Since your specialization article hasn't been posted yet, I had a few questions. Would you alternate the specialization phase (accumulation block) with an intensification block? If so, would you still specialize during the intensification block OR cut the volume to aid supercompensation? How many sets do you recommend as a starting point for each workout for the bodyparts you are emphasizing?




I am wondering how much BCAA should I be consuming each day? I am also wondering about your Pillars of Stength program How may upper body days should I be doing per week on this program. Thanks


I see the specialization block as a separate entity than either an accumulation or intensification block. The specialized workload includes both accumulation and intensification methods, as such it's more of a conjugated block.

If one wants to use an isolated specialization block, he might proceed as such:

Accumulation block (4 weeks)
Intensification block (4 weeks)
Specialization block (4 weeks)


Hi CT,
Two questions:

1 - What is your own personnal view on belly position during squatting/deadlifting? Do you suck your abs in, leave them or hollow them as suggested by Louie Simmons? Should you try to copy these belly position for olympic lifts?

2 - As a wrestler I am continuously told the benefit of high rep free bodyweight squatting, press ups, etc. Are such motions beneficial to wrestling? How would you phase them in with four times a week west side type lifting sessions?

Thanks in advance


Mr. Beast
I know you once said that pausing 4-5 seconds between calf raises would negate the stretch reflex. Would pulling your toe up (firing the antagonist) also negate the stretch reflex?


Hi CT,

Can you recomend the best diet you have ever tried.



What are your thoughts on Bio-Oxidative therapy, namely I.V. drips of H202, or, for the cases of most athletes, taking a luke warm bath with about 16 oz of Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in. I first learned about this theory from the EFS sport specific section, and then looked into it further, than decided to try it and experienced pretty good results. Just wondering if you have/do use it with your athlete's and what protocols you follow?

How would you compare this to Epsom salt baths?

Any other unorthodox strategies you have tried with regards to recovery?

Thanks in advance,

Pat Battaglia

P.S. here is a link to an article on the topic: http://www.medical-library.net/specialtiesd/framer.html?/specialtiesd/_bio_oxidative_medicine.html


Christian, what's your thought's on ab training for athletes? Do you prefer to do it on the same day as a whole body workout or on a day by it's self?



Hey CT. How's it going?

  1. You do your sledgehammer training tabata style, but would you say that hitting the tire w/the sledgehammer very fast (say 50-60 strikes in 2 minutes or 35 strikes in a minute) could constitute a "cardio" or fat burning workout? Is it too short in duration? Running a 400 yard dash is very short in duration though and many sprinters are very lean.

  2. How close are you to clean/pressing that 250 lb sandbag?

  3. Why don't you compete in olifting anymore?

  4. Why do you recommend your good mornings to be done w/the knee locked as opposed to slightly bent?



I am a semi-tall guy (6'0") and 185 and currently trying to shed 2% bf to bring me to around 7%. i am using a heavy day with the power lifts to keep my strength while calorie restricted. one of the exercises i love is deadlifts but i am not sure my form is correct as i have a hard time keeping my shoulders behind the bar in the conventional stance. my max pull right now is 375 and i want to continue to raise it but i also want to make sure my form is good. what exercises do you reccommend to practice proper form with 95-100% of 1RM?


CT whats your thoughts on Bill Starr's Methods outlined in his book, "strongest shall survive"? Whats your thoughts about the book in general..outdated?

More specifcally his 5x5? do you think his format still holds true? What would you change about it


Never ever ever pull your belly in while squatting or deadlifting!!! This will create a narrow basis of support and lower your stability.


I really liked your last article on Beach Training for Performance Oriented Athletes. My question is, at what point would this be too much when tacked on to one's regular lifting? I know you said that it is not smart to do the beach work during periods of super-intense weightlifting, which I would assume a Westside template would fall into. If this is too intense, what would be a good example of an upper body strength day look like (in terms of both volume and exercises?

Could you do a beach day for something like this
1- 3 board press
2- DB press
3- T Bar Rows
4- Scarecrows (rear delt work)



CT, can you provide a link or can you briefly explain the summaries to you "Modern Strength & Power Methods" & "Black Book of Training secrets". Was thinking of getting 1 of them or maybe you could offer a discount if I get them both?? Thanks.


What type of stretching do you prefer pre-weight-training?



Not to mention that you can end up with a nasty case of epididymitis. I was doing a specialized routine that involved deadlifting 3 times per week, and had developed the habit of sucking my stomach in (which will pull your balls up towards your abdomen). Spending a week in bed feeling like someone has kicked you in the balls will correct that habit really fast.


I was (and is) a carb rotation diet which rotated high carb days, moderate carb days and low carb days. Depending on the phase (gaining or cutting) I would vary the amount of carbs and/or the ratio of each type of days.


Hey CT:
I was just recently reading your fat loss tips article. I just started trying to cut. I'm about 15% and would love to get to 8%. You state in that article to do the least amount of ESW that is effective and recommend LSD twice a week with walks on the weekend. What are your thoughts on the best ESW scheme if you are "not too concerned" with losing a little muscle? Would you lean towards HIIT or would you just increase the amount of days or do you have something different in mind? Also, how long are your tradional ESW sessions on those off days? Thanks.


Abs are done at the end of every session of thr week. When we have 4 sessions we normally have:

  1. Trunk flexion day/weighted
  2. Trunk rotation and lateral flexion day/unweighted
  3. Trunk flexion day/unweighted
  4. Trunk rotation and lateral flexion /weighted