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CT: Prime Time


I'm just following up on an earlier post regarding caliper measurements in relation to the body's hormonal state.

My tricep measured in at 15mm so therefore I added .05 mm to the ranges for other bodyparts.

Interestingly, my caliper reading all fell below the normal ranges when compared to every other site. The highest absolute score was my quad followed by supra illiac and cheek but even these were in the single digits.

Any insight as to what this means would be greatly appreciated.


The sites are proportions ... according to your triceps reading your measures should be:

pectoral = 12-13mm
Sub-scapular = 33-34mm
Mid-axilary = 19-25mm
Abdomen = 19-21mm

If your triceps score and quads score are high, this suggest an estrogenic fat storing pattern with a bit of insulin resistance. In most men the triceps fold should be the lowest measure along with the chest and calves.


I had a feeling this was the case. I know that Poliquin pushes the Yohimbine creme for fat loss in the lower body.

To lean out my tri's, would I use the same creme or is there something else you'd suggest?