CT: pendulum training with 5-day split?

Would Charles Poliquin’s oft recommended 5-day split

Legs / Upper body / rest / arms / rest

allow the body enough rest between the different stresses of structural and functional blocks?

yes, look at how far apart sessions are, 5 days

Yes, the split you use is not that important. Several splits have been used, as long as you are not training a muscle in an excessively tired state you’ll be fine.

that’s how I used to train, I didn’t recover very well on a global CNS level.

Thanks, CT.

BTW, Just so I don’t mislead any rookies who check into this thread. Poliquin’s 5 day split is actually:

Upper body, Legs, rest, arms, rest.

yes it is, but i in order to fit it in with a sprinting program i use
Day 1-Sprint and Legs
Day 2-RFD Upper
Day 3-Recovery
Day 4-Sprint and ME Upper
Day 5-Recovery
Day 6-Recovery
Day 7-Recovery