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CT/others Best leg exercises for football

CT and others, what would consider are the best leg exercises for football?

squat, power versions of oly lifts

Nothing beats the Squat in my opinion. In fact, I don’t really think anything even comes close. Some may disagree.

I saved this list from CT a while ago. Actually I think you asked the question at CF’s forum almost exactly a year ago.

Phillip Twine Jr (2003-01-09 01:59:46 664)
What are the best strength and olympic lift exercises for football?

Christian Thibaudeau (2003-01-09 09:14:23 671)
It depends on the needs of an individual, but I’d say:

  1. Power snatch from hang
  2. Power snatch from blocks
  3. Power clean from hang
  4. Power clean from blocks
  5. Push jerk
  6. Push press
  7. Romanian deadlift
  8. Sumo deadlift
  9. Bench press
  10. Back squat
  11. Jump squat
    Those are in no particular order


Groundhog day!!