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CT Opinion on Size/Strength Quote from Article?


It's really two totally different animals and each requires a very different approach. Spend two years training for maximum size, getting stronger in the rep ranges I described above, and you'll more than likely build a higher 1-rep max, too. That's mostly a side effect of this type of training, and not the purpose of it.

You won't, of course, have gotten as strong as you would have if you'd spent that time working at developing maximum strength where you did lots of doubles, triples, and sets of 5. That's the kind of training that'll build maximum strength, and as a side effect, some muscle mass, but again, not as much as training for hypertrophy alone would have.

Hello CT,
What do you say about that quote from the newest TNation article?
Just curious.

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling:


Not sure what you are asking.... you are askign my comment about a quote I made?


I am sorry it was unclear :frowning:
No its a quote from the writer of the new TNation arcicle and not a quote from you ! Uhm, yes just a short statement or opinion, but I have the feeling your time is spend better answering another question .... :stuck_out_tongue:


Paul Carter is a friend and a very very smart man about training. A super strong raw lifter with tons of muscles. I respect his knowledge and we agree on most topics.


CT seems like you would disagree with his rep focus(8-15 reps for mass, higher reppage) and diet approach? His article said singles doubles triples up to 5 reps buids maximum strength with some size but hypertrophy maximized at 8-15 reps. Maybe this only applies once you can move very heavy absolute loads..


I'm not a fan of 8-15 reps. But I'm not denying that it works for building muscle. However you have a point. 8-15 reps will work better when you have a broad strength base that makes those light sets still pretty darn heavy (that's one thing people rarely consider).

To me high reps is 6-8 sometimes up to 10. And I do use these when doing specific hypertrophy work.


Thanks CT for your time and answer


For someone who wants both, how would you train them? Would you focus on one until they reach a benchmark and then switch focus? How long would it be to focus on one? I often read not to program jump but what about overall focus? Can you do strength training for 13 weeks and then hypertrophy for 13 weeks or is that too short a time.

Ive been training with 531 BBB for the last 12 weeks with goals of reaching DL x2.5bw, Squat x 2bw, Bench x 1.5bw, and OHP 1xBW. Once I reach these benchmarks I plan to focus more on Hypertrophy with the ultimate goal of doing a BB competition. Is this a sound plan or would my time be better spent working towards muscle growth if that is my ultimate goal.


I would plan the main lift for strength, a secondary movement to address the weakest link in the main movement (using the intermediate zone, 6-8 reps) and then do some isolation work for the main muscles involved in the primary lift (higher reps and intensity techniques).