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Hi CT,

Forgive me as I’m sure you’ve shared this information elsewhere, but I was looking for your opinion of the anabolic diet for gaining weight.

A little background - I’ve been following a TKD for 12 weeks and went from 221 lbs at ~21%BF to about ~182 at ~8%BF. I’m actually looking to do a serious bulk now that the cut is over and I want to keep BF within a couple percent of where I am now.

So if you will, please share your thoughts of approaching this bulk with the anabolic diet.

Most importantly, I understand that I would not be able to follow the Anaconda protocol if following this plan due to the FINiBARs, and potentially due to the insulin spike from the CH (although I’d like your thoughts on the later as well).

Although addressed to CT, I appreciate anyone’s opinions on the matter. Thanks.

I believe the ORIGINAL AD is a bit outdated in terms of what Dr MD recommends. The updated Anabolic Solution is quite a bit different, whereby he recommends a mix of healthier fats, and also does not limit the daily amount of carbs to 30g for everyone, nor the 2 full days of carbs.

He states that these are dependent on the individual even when on this TYPE of diet…So one guy who does not handle carbs too well would not go over 30g/day and maybe only have ONE carb meal once per week, whereby another guy could have 100g/day and 2 full days/week etc.

I used the diet to BULK once and got very big AND very fat…due to the carb intake on the weekends been too high and got way too involved in scale weight!

I do believe CT would favour the updated version of the diet moreover the original which would also allow for some peri-workout carbs.


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And btw; Thibs have a thread about this diet where he has shared his thoughts before. Google it.

thanks for the input guys. Yeah i ran accross that thread fredarn. I tried posting a bunch of quotes, but they haven’t shown up yet and they may not. I dunno what’s up lately with my posts not showing up half the time. This is the thread you were talking about?: Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness

Nice progress in your pics btw Gymjunkie

[quote]BulletproofTiger wrote:
Nice progress in your pics btw Gymjunkie[/quote]

Thanks man. Pics are quite old now. I got up to about 110kg! looking like a whale…then leaned out to about 87kg.

I have since BULKED and cut again gaining some lean mass but no longer a fan of bulking and cutting anymore. Rather more body comp…Currently 91-92kg looking to lean out more whilst gaining some muscle.