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CT: ? on Pendulum Training article

This question is actually about your Bodybuilding PT article: What would be the effects of eliminating Structural Stage 2, and just alternating between Structural stage 1 and Stage 3 (Functional strength)?

A two-stage program would be easier and more convenient for my personal situation, but this is a theoretical and practical question.

With the high rep velocities employed in Stage 1, it would seem that hypertrophy would still largely be functional. And with the high intensity of Stage 3, relative strength levels should still increase over the duration of the program. Are 3 stages better in this case because they provide greater variety? Because they provide two whole weeks of recovery after the high-intensity work?

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My opinion is that the 3 stages will better target all of the different muscle fibres(type1, type 2a,2b,2c). For hypertrophy, you must exhaust as many muscle fibres as possible to reap the most benefits.

i believe CT said you could cycle between 1 and 3 and reap greater benefits in those areas but wouldnt be as produtive for pure bodybuilding gains
just my 2 cents later

CT wrote that in a Pendulum system one can alternate between a structural phase and a functional phase, but did he specifically discuss that approach in relation to the phases he laid out in the pendulum bodybuilding article?