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CT New Book?


I thought I read somewhere that Coach Thib is planning on releasing a book about the Layer methodology. Did I understand that right?

Anyone have any details that I may have missed?

Thanks in advance, Nation!


I still don't know what the layer system is lol.


The best power building routine I have seen...


The layer system is simply how I have been training most of my life, without ever giving it a name... it is basically using various methods for the same movement pattern...

For example if one were to do:

  1. Bench press ramp up to 1RM

  2. Bench press 3 sets of 5 cluster reps with 85-90% of 1RM

  3. Bench press 70% of 1RM, 5x3 one set every 30 sec, add 10lbs, 5x2 (one set every 30 sec), add 10lbs, 5x1 (one set every 30 seconds)

That would be one example of a layer workout.


So CT is there a new book on your layer system on the way??


Not that I know of.


Did it this morning and loved it. I'll be training again later today and was wondering what "skill" or secondary work could complement this workout? I know you preferred doing SGHP layer and then various explosive pull movements in he second workout but what would be good for a press day? Would higher rep "pumpish" style training complement as well? Thanks!


Ring dips, muscle-ups (if you can do them), any form of overhead explosive lift (jerks or push presses), handstand push-ups


I'd be interested to know what you're doing for your two a day workouts as well, CT. I've started doing the Layer system with complexes you prescribed and have been doing a second workout focusing on technique work on the Olympic lifts (Recently started learning them) and maybe a couple assistance exercises if I feel it's needed. Do you think that's alright or would you recommend something else?


This is an amusing response, because if anyone should know it should be you, CT!

I could see there being a market for an e-book or Kindle-type book explaining the system and providing sample routines. It's just a matter of sitting down and writing it, which I realize can be a very time-consuming process.


Thanks and should I be wary of intensity (no failure, rest pausish type training) and volume? Do you prefer these in circuit with all rep ranges? I've gotten benefits pushing the envelope with this style before but never with an AM workout that's as intense as your layers so any guidance would be great. Thanks again!


I'm not saying to do all of those, just that these are things you can work on. I personally prefer to pick one skill and work on it exclusively for the workout... not seeing it as "training" but as perfecting the execution


For what it worth, I'd buy it in a second...