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CT-My January program

Hey CT-I recently purchased your new book and it completely blew me away. I’m getting amped up to start hard training again and I can’t wait. I do have a question though. I am going to spend Jan in an accumulation block, feb in a function block, and then I’m going to specialize in March with the oly lifts. My only problem is that I don’t know where to put my sprinting days. I was going to follow your Running Man article, starting with intervals (60/30) in Jan, then in Feb IBUR, and finally 400’s in March. Would I be better off sprinting on lifting days or sprinting on my off days (W/Sat)?

Sprint on lower body lifting days, this couples high CNS intensive work together, then it would be OK to do upper body on off days. Energy system work, which for you Im assuming is for physical looks, could go like this. Also what kind of weight training are you doing? Whats the purpose?
Monday-Lower Body Weights, Energy system work(400m sprints, or IBUR)
Tuesday-Upper Body Weights
Wed-Low Intensity Energy System Work(small amount of intervals, like 15 min worth)
Thursday-Repeat Tuesday
Friday-Repeat Monday

If you are going to do a running program and weight train in the same day, you would be better off doing your sprint training first and then your weights. If doing sprints second make sure you have at least 3 hours (more is better) between workouts. Make sure nutrition is perfect during this time. Also, in March if you are going to be specializing in oly-lifts which are very explosive you should tailor your running program toward the same type of energy system. Shorter sprints would be better at this time.

Jan-Structure…adding some LBM and enhancing tendon strength
Feb-Function…strength and dieting
Mar-Power…Maintenance->small surplus in calories with Oly lifts and 400m sprints

I think I may sprint before my leg workouts…my legs have always been huge and pretty stong, so I’m not worried about developing them as much. It’s already hard to buy jeans as it is. I’m mainly working on abs, low back, back, and pressing strength…as well as speed.