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CT, JB, KS, DB and KJ Seminar

Hi everyone, this year again I’m offering a seminar with a lot of T-Nation’s favorite authors. Located in Montreal, PQ, it’s also offering for the very first time the Precision Nutrition meal experience!

Here’s the meat and potatoes:

Saturday, september 27 (English only)

Christian Thibaudeau
The science and practice of isometric and
eccentric training for muscle growth and strength gains

John Berardi
Beyond Cutting Edge - Nutritional Strategies of the Future

Dave Barr
Your Workout Nutrition Sucks! (but we can fix it)

Karsten Jensen
�??Functional Training�?? - is it necessary?

Krista Schaus
The Essentials Seminar - Nuggets for RESULTS
(for yourself 1st, you clients 2nd - in that order!)

1 hour Q&A with John Berardi

Sunday, september 28 (French only)

Christian Thibaudeau
Maximisation de la réponse hormonale par l’entrainement entrainement:
comment optimiser vos gains

Marc Sauvestre
Démarche psycho-pédagogique dans le processus de professionnalisation

Hugo Le Bire
Modèle non-spécifique d’entraînement pour une population athlétique

Denis Pedneault
Les secrets du bodysculpting

Yannik Morin
Parce que toute diète a une fin

François Lépine
Mindtrack et activation des unités musculaires à haut seuil de recrutement

Une heure de questions-réponses avec Christian Thibaudeau

So all of you guys in Canada or close to the border, you’re welcome… and those from even farther!

For more infos, visit the link here: http://www.vinkomorf.com/v2/seminaire/vinkofest2008/index_en.html or feel free to PM me

And don’t miss out on opportunities to make money as well! We have an affiliate program that makes you a partner of the VinkoFest when you publised the link. Ideal for those with a website and/or mailing list.


For those of you wanting to join in without the advantages of a web connection, you can also inquire about our HeadHunter Project for similar benefit


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Damn, that sounds killer! Wish I could make it.

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Oh yeah, you guys have no idea! Thanks for your interest though.

We’re gonna have even more surprise and great stuff than last year.