CT Is In a Band?!

He’s lead singer and guitar player?!?!


I lol’ed

He must’ve really let himself go…


But seriously, that album is fucking ridiculous.



hahahaha…I love DF…sweep picking on the bass is fucking sick

how can somebody listen to that devil music?

[quote]MangoMan305 wrote:
how can somebody listen to that devil music?[/quote]

I appreciate that they can play, but man, it sounds like shit.

Never liked DF save for 1 or 2 songs and some random parts tbh…

Love the music, hate the voice. Can I get an instrumental version.

oh yah, and I LOLed as well.

I always thought he kinda looked like the bass player in The Alkaline Trio

Its a stretch. You (bald) people all look alike to me.

I’d like to finger his diatonic arpeggios.