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CT - I'm Lost Mate! Body Recomp Tips?

Hey mate, big fan of your writing and of your physique.

I’m a 34 yr old male.
Around 5’10"
Body fat in the mid to high thirties.

I’ve been down to 80kg before, mainly through VLCDs, and have obviously piled it back on.

Historically obsessed with scale number what I’d really like is to just be big and strong, not necessarily supershredded e.g. Rugby player type physique.

I’ve lifted on and off half assed over last few years but not super serious. I.e. Now my Max Squat is about 100kg, max deadlift about 115kg, DB bench press using 35kgs for reps.

I’ve bee doing 5x5 for a bit with good results but have plateaud a bit… So I was looking at doing your built for bad strength circuits. I was planning to go for 3000 cal/day at maybe 35/35/30 pcf… The idea being I’d like to get to around a 90kg muscly guy, so i, basing the caloric intake on already being that person.

I have gained a bit of lean muscle so I don’t want to lose it by stripping back to many cals.

Any thoughts or direction would be really appreciated mate.



strength bro? weight is 110 kg but can only 1RM squat 100kg, dead 115 kg, db 35 kg for a few reps?

check out the best way to get lean thread, good tips there as well good luck matt