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CT - I Need Your Knowledge


Hello CT, I have 2 very simple question for you.

In the book ´´The Black Book of Training Secrets ´´ you wrote something about if a person have the muscle fiber dominance of fast switch, he will need low volume of work etc, but the question here is how many ´´heavy´´ reps are required 85% + (for a fast swtch person) to get strength gains and how many reps at 80% or minus are required to achieve muscle size, taking in consideration that this type of persons need to do 80 total reps per muscle group to get good results.

and the other question is about training volume, i have fast switch muscle dominance, and i need to do 80 total reps for each muscle,but 80 total reps for the muscle working directly ? or the muscles worked indirectly counts too? for example the bench press works the chest as primary muscle, and the triceps as secondary and more muscles are worked, so if i am doing 30 reps of bench press do i only need to do 50 reps for the other muscles to complete the 80 total reps?

My english is not good because i am from Mexico and i am still learning english xd, hope you understand


Check out the sticky thread "READ THIS... IMPORTANT! ":


Your question will most likely not be answered in this thread


I've used this guideline it works. It works pretty good for a base.