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CT, I am Confused about Carbups


Hye CT, I am dieting currently to try to get to 5-6% bodyfat. Right now I am at 200lbs and around 15% bodyfat.
Ive read the anabolic diet and ultimate diet and I see recommendations for reefeeds being 1-2 days and around 800-1200 grams of carbs during this carbup, (after 5-6 days of high fat high protein very low carbs). But in your refined physique transformation article about your own 16 week transformation you say to keep carbs at 12-15% body fat: carb-up at around 1.0g of carbs per pound every 7 days, which only comes out to 200grams which is far far lower then the 800-1200 grams recommended in those 2 books. Can you elaborate ? I really want to get to 6% bodyfat by june 1.


? anyone?


he says basically that your glycogen stores can only hold around 500g CHO, and carpet bombing your system with carbs (while trying to cut weight) is counterproductive, and even Dr D, the original author, has changed his opinion regarding this very thing.

  1. If you think that you are "around 15%" then you are closer to 20%... most people REALLY underestimate their bodyfat percentage when they are not lean.

  2. Do not shoot for being 5%... it's too far away. Star by trying to reach 12% (since you are probably closer to 20%), then 10%... Everybody can get there with hard work and discipline.

  3. Getting down from 10 to 8% is hard work... it's harder to go from 10% to 8% then going from 20 to 10! Everybody can technically go down to 8% but few reach a "real" 8%

  4. 5% is pretty much a bodybuilding contest shape. Going from 8 to 5% is HELL. You body will rebel against you and you will feel like crap. Not everybody can reach 5% and keep a decent amount of muscle mass naturally and even fewer have the mental fortitude to do that.


I think this should be posted on gym walls. At my gym, there's a few people who say they're 7 to 9% bodyfat "Cuz when I flex my abs, I got a 6 pack!" Uh no, I believe at that level of leanness, you should see a 6 pack without having to flex.
I remember when I thought I was 11%, I was really 14%. When I thought I hit 8%, I was really 11%. I was content at 11% cuz I like Filipino food too much. Can't get rid of the white rice and Adobo.


Cripe! Hard for me to imagine I could be carrying 45lbs of fat - DOH!

My guess is that I am at 15% since I can see upper abs but not lower but maybe I'm really 20? What a tub!


I'm always confused when people talk about seeing abs because I don't know if they mean flexed or not flexed? Also I don't think that they are the sole indicator of your body fat level because I feel like some people who look lean don't have abs but I have abs and even when I feel fat I can still see them without flexing.


my question wasnt really answered about the carbup/refeed day. How much carbs should be consumed for glycogen recompensation ?


Depends if you're really 15 % BF. Depends what your training is like. Depends what your cardio is like. Depends how 'low' carb you go on the other days. Depends...


I've done low carb and/or keto diets for years to get cut for summer or vacations every year for about 20 years. And like he said it depends on exactly what your doing.
For example if I do Body Opus which always gave me great results I need roughly 1200 gms carbs to fill out and recuperate for the following week. When doing a basic low carb diet (under 75-100 gms a day) whether spread throughout the day or concentrate on taking them pre/post workout and just doing heavy multiple sets of low reps split routine during the week without a depletion type workout I can get away with fewer carbs on the weekend load up, probably half the amount. Hope that gives you an idea.


Like I said earlier... and if you read the article, and he recommended 1 gram/lb bodyweight, then follow that, or don't. BUT, I've never had bad results based on CT's advice. Definitely don't skip the carb up, but don't overdo it either if your goal is fat loss, especially 5-6%, which is nearly stage-ready. Are you going to get on a stage?


I am not getting on a stage but ive enetered bodybuilding.com's 12 week transformation contest. Ive been working out for 6-7 years and last year ended up going from 185-220 and gained a gut. About 10 of those pounds was muscle.

I workout 5-6 days a week really hard. My weekly carbs are less then 15grams (anabolic diet). I am also on clen and t3. Thats why I asked about the carbup because in the anabolic diet, ud2.0, and bodyopus they recommend very very high carbups but CT recommends very low ones. I am also going to do a 1 day carbup as opposed to 2 days.


I find the recommendations in 'Refined Physique Transformation' to be pretty good.

It had me at about 200 g of carbs every 14 days in the beginning, then frequency increased as I got leaner, which I did, fast. Went from 104 kg to 80 kg carb depleted in 6 months.


Yeah...I agree with Amonero. If you're already fairly lean, then follow the recommendations in CT's article 100%. The AD and other similar diets are too general, and they overdo the carbup if you're trying to look ripped in a hurry. Honestly, what worked best for me to look my best was to follow the AD 100% during the week (<30g CHO), then have ONE carb meal of around 150-250g CHO on Saturday night, then take a fat hit of leucine and have a pro and fat meal, then wake up sunday morning, do some fasted morning cardio, then do a pulse fast all day sunday. By Monday I'd be pissing ketones and back on it. But that's pretty extreme. All depends on how far you want to take it...


I'm 20% in my avatar (scale tested)


Do you know what you're doing with clen and T3? They aren't something you just mess around with.


As much as I am somebody who is for objective, brutally honest, even "harsh" body fat measurements, you are not 20%. The scale you used uses bioelectrical impedance. This tool is about as effective at establishing BF percentage as throwing darts on a target with numbers ranging from 1% to 40%!!!

You level of hydration/dehydration can change the results by up to 10% in a matter of minutes for example!

And the more muscle you have, the more imprecise it is.

I once had a hockey player I trained call me, almost crying, because he just got tested at 19%... and the guy had veins on his abs!

Pat, the bodybuilder in my "great video" thread was even tested at 18% when he was in contest shape!

Bottom line, that equipment sucks.


100% true!!!

I once tested my BF using a handheld BEI device.....came back at 22% (never came back less than 20%)

I then did a DEXA scan around the same time.....7% @ 230 lbs

Those things suck


OP, how long have you been on a keto diet? By the look of your avatar, you'll probably do pretty well in your competition thing. Follow CT's recommendations and you'll get ripped up from the tips up. But yeah, listen to TRU76, clen and t3 are serious.


hey Chris im at like 30% body fat right now and like i can see my abs a little is that a little weird or strange in any way??