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CT, How Much Training Is Needed?


Hey CT, hoping to get your thoughts on a question.

When the goal is to look lean similar to that of lower weight division fighters 155-165lbs how much weight training is necessary, how much of that body type is muscle as opposed to just being lean with an overall active lifestyle?

I have always trained for muscle and have been following " Best Damn…" a few younger guys asked for help with their programming with the goal of a lean fighter look but, thought I trained too much too often. I got to thinking how much is really necessary for that body type.

Would lifting 2x a week with 2x a week heavy carries do the trick?

**Individual genetics wold effect outcome but, in general.


If you want to look like a fighter, you should train like one. Obviously you can leave out the sparring, but they don’t overdo it on the weightlifting because their focus and energy must be on their sport. Also, the lower division fighters must make weight so they’re not able/interested in bulking up by weight training.

Do roadwork (running) to increase aerobic capacity. This is not done at breakneck pace, nor long distances. Typically, 3 miles or so most days at a jog.
Jump rope, shadow box, hit the heavy box. Use interval timers. Try 2 minutes on/1 minute off initially and work up to 3 on/1 off.
Do calisthenics as your main strength training. Even Tyson did this. Lots of push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats.
I would say 2 lifting sessions would be plenty, so long as you train 5-6 days a week total if you want that look.