CT, How Did You Overcome Your Elbow Injury?

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I know you had elbow issues that prevented you form your true potential on pressing. How did you overcome it?

I did my elbow from BJJ a while back (the exact point where the tendon inserts the elbow) and although it’s somewhat better, it never fully healed. Every time I do a press, I can feel a little pain/ discomfort. I feel although it’s ok when warmed up, it might give up anytime.

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I didn’t. To this day my right arm doesn’t fully extend and it led to a shoulder injury and I still can’t press really heavy.

I use a floss band on my elbow often, wrist extensor bands from Iron mind. Avoid skull crushers, lot of fish oil, and icing when it feels inflamed. I have some missing cartilage in mine and a torn UCL, I just got used to it being a little sore sometimes. What have you all tried so far?

I get it sorted out by a medically professional and follow their advice on rehab and preventing recurrence,

If it is a tendon or a ligament you are candidate for prolotherapy, it is a proliferative treatment to “irritate” the damaged area and force an inflammatory process with the intention of starting a natural healing process. Read a little bit about it and give it a try; it really worths it. Do not know if CT have ever used it or if some of his athletes have tried it

Normally it takes 3-5 treatments with 3-4 weeks between them. If you give it a try, please give us some feedback regarding your diagnosis and your results.

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Sorry…but this one just came to my mind

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Fish oil and curcumin are stables in the diet. I tried the voodoo flossing a few years ago for a golfers elbow, didnt get much results.

So far what worked best, unfortunately, is resting. I was away for 2 months and that was the best when it felt, but the pain came back again once I hit weights.

Very high rep (100-150) tricep extensions with 10 lbs KB’s pumps the elbow a lot of blood and helps. I think it will go away in time like other long term injuries…