CT Help With My OVT Program

Christian I started your OVT program 1 week ago and I really truely love the program but I really feel like I’m over training on it.

I have been very lethargic and tired through the days and very easily irritated. My head feels numb and cloudy like I can’t get my thoughts together.

I’ve been sore as hell too. I mean could I be over training on OVT, because I have been trainng with weights for years and years but man this workout is intense and a bit longer in the gym than what I am use too.

My body should be use to doing 5X5’s because I use alot of those in my past workouts. Could it be the “pain” tempo you use for for your second exercises?

What should I do because I’d like to stay on this program for 4 weeks and see what it does. Should I cut back my sets to only 3 on each exercise and see what that does and then work my way up to 5?

I don’t know man what do you think?


I’m no CT, heck, I’m nobody.
Anyway, I think I’ve read somewhere that if you want to cut a bit back with the OVT program, do it something like this:

1wk: 3 x 5 (Three sets of five reps)
2wk; 4 x 5
3wk; 5 x 5
4wk; 4 x 5

Yours; Tears

“My head feels numb and cloudy like I can’t get my thoughts together.”

Sounds also like you may be dehydrated.