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CT: Help Clarify Training for Acetylcholine Dominant Lifters?



could you please clarify with me how one should structure their training if they are ACETYLCHOLINE dominant.

Am I correct in saying variety is key? how would you put this into practice? changing exercises often or changing set/rep schemes often?

what set and rep schemes are optimal, I understand that acetylcholine are more fast twitch that gaba but less than dopamine so are we talking rep ranges of 3-10 but mainly 5-8 ?

volume tolerance is as I understand not great, so should be reduced every 3rd workout?

If its possible could you educate me on a simple progression for a muscle group over a few weeks, just so I can grasp the concept. That would be really helpful!

Thanks so much CT

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To an extent. But variation is more important for dopamine dominant individuals. Acetylcholine dominant people should train hard on program X for 2 weeks, deload for 1 week (50% reduction in volume) and switch to something else.


Intermediate reps are best for building mass for them (so 5-8 is about right) but if they are focused on strength they still need some heavier work… likely sets of 3.


Every 3rd week, yes


Thanks ct, I’ll experiment for a few weeks


Sorry CT just one more Q

When talking about intensity with the different types, is the tolerance not only in termss of % of 1rm but also how hard you go on each set (in terms of failure).

So dophamine types can go to failure whereas serotonin dominant should rarely go to failure. I just though of this as you have written that in terms of stress on the nervous system failure at 15 reps is the same as failure at 1rm because as you fatigue each rep feels heavier.


Ah, good to know since this is my profile. Guess I should start doing deloads more often!