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CT,HD (possible spoiler)

Okay, I saw the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” a few months ago, and I just didn’t get it. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you might want to stop reading now. Some one once said that this story is based in Chinese legend. Well, I watched it again over the weekend, and I still don’t get it. I understand the whole legendary sword thing, but that girl flying off the bridge at the end just has me scratching my head. What’s up with that? Any one with some understanding care to enlighten me?

brider, it would take me forever to explain this to you. So, I won’t! However, CTHD is based on 5-books (novels) written by Wang Du Lu. These books could also be considered as “Chinese Pulp-Fiction” novels. I have found a link for you to read these yourself: http://owl.usc.edu/~hding/Movie/Ch/ novels.html (eliminate the space between “/” and “novels”).

CTHD is a "fantasy". What Ang Lee did was also create a focus towards the "role of women". Case in point, Zhang Ziyi's character. She was expected to marry and live her life as a wife and mother, nothing more. However, she wanted more - maybe a life like Michelle Yeoh's character. In the movie (because in the novel, it's a tad bit different) when she jumps from the cliff - after having just asked Lo (the desert bandit), what he would wish for (don't you remember the "tale" of the little boy who had jumped?), he would wish that she would come back to him - remember? I think by her jumping off the cliff, she was not only hoping this wish would come true, but for her to reassert herself into the life she wanted - to do what she wanted when she "came back". But, read these summaries - I hope they help.

Once Ang Lee is done filming “The Hulk” he is going to work on the prequel to this. Michelle Yeoh is coming back and Jet Li will also be starring. Just a kind FYI.

Patricia :-)

A friend of mine whose life revolves around Kung Fu told me that there already is a prequel to CTHD. So is Ang Lee’s production a remake of that one, or a totally different story (I haven’t seen it)?

And thanks for the link – I’ll have to check it out.

The prequel cannot exist - Ang Lee hasn’t begun it. Could your friend be referring to the novel? CTHD is #4 of the five novels.