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@ CT - Great Program


I just made this T-Nation membership for the sole purpose of telling CT his high performance mass program is great.

CT your program owns.

4 workouts in and its undoubtedly my favorite program of all time. Keep it coming man


totally agree, it´s a very good program. After applying the neural ramp and explosive rep methods I have never been so amped up during workout. And the neural charge work are just fantastic :slightly_smiling:

Thanks alot CT you really bring the joy of training to workouts


Thanks guys! Stay tuned we will have much more info on this style of training in the upcoming months.


I second that! Every lift has gone up since training with his philosophies. To call CT a stud is to give him too little credit. There is a reason he is so hugely respected. So thanks from me as well!


I agree that the HPM is awsome! My performance is getting better and better, my muscles too. CT you're doing a great job on explaining the principles and methods used. This is (without question) the best program I've ever been on that delivers great gains and it's planned for long term progression.

Coach, form my part, only respect!


I've been playing around with the weights for a long time. This is the most fun and productive system i ever used!


Add my name to the list of appreciators. Finishing my second week and it is awesome. Actually gotten comments on looking leaner (probably from all the sled work), and my upper back, quads, and triceps are showing better definition/size. Also feeling more explosive this week than even last week.

I'm loving it.

Whatever's coming next, I can't wait to learn and apply.


This program makes me look forwrad to lifting weights each day. Sometimes I can hardly go to sleep knowing I get to wake up and hit the gym with this program. I can't wait to see some size gains from it. I already feel leaner from it and my body weight is nearly the same.


Same here - today when I got to my 4th exercise, the secondary emphasis lower pressing, (front squat for me today) I really didn't want to finish WO, was outta gas; had already done 30 sets for upper pressing with staggered rear delt, rhomboid and trap work in there.

However, with the ramping by the time I reached the 5th set of squats, the weight, although heavier than first sets obviously, was really flying. Made it thru 9 sets front squat and called it a full session but amazing how I loosened up after a few sets and CNS was firing on all cylinders.

Looking forward to tomorrow...