CT, functional neural and structural gains?

CT, I know that the more weight training sessions performed the greater motor learning and neural adaptations occur, so would this be appropriate for both functional neural training and functional structural gains?

Day 1
1)Pressing Movement
2)Pulling Movement
3)Push Press

Day 2
1)Snatch Movement
2)Snatch DL Movement
3)GH Movement

Day 3
1)Jerk Movement
2)Explosive Movement(jumpsquat or snatch grip vl)
3)Lat Movement

Day 4
1)Clean Movement
2)Squat Movement
3)Pull Movement(ie clean pull)

Total Reps Per Exercise

Oly Lifts and Pulls
15 or less(for a majority of my training its 10 total reps, 15 is only in the begginning phase)

Limit Strength Lifts(Presses, DL’s, Squats, GH Movement)
20 or less(in first phase its 20, second around 12, third 10)

Assistance Exercises(Lat, Pulling Movement)
15 or less

Also I may do an extra move and/or extra work for 10-15 min if I am feeling up to it.

Day 1-Non Weight Training Day
King Deadlifts(for the glutes)-3x6

Day 2

Day 3
Single Leg Hypers-3x6

Day 4

Day 5-This is the last day of the week before a 2 day break of complete rest so I thought it’d be ok to include a couple more taxing moves
Functional Isometrics-3x3 positions at 10 sec at each position.
G-H Raises-3x6
Non Weighted Explosive Reverse Hypers-3x6