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CT, CW, and anyone else who could give me advice

I am a college wrestler and although Ive always done a lot of lifting in the offseasons, Ive never been very organized with it or strictly followed a particular program/methodology (such as Westside). I want to take a more thoughtful approach to it for this offseason and preseason so Im seeking your advice.
Unlike the majority of wrestlers, I do not have to worry about keeping my weight constant because Im a heavyweight. In fact I am small for my weight class so adding mass would be preferable. And of course I want to increase my maximal and explosive strength. Throughout the spring/summer/fall I do a good amount of wrestling so that should cover my conditioning/muscle endurance/technique.
Christian and Chad, Ive read probably all of your articles as I like the programs and methodologies you?ve written about. The principles from Superbeast as well as the Athletic Pendulum (I look forward to the article focusing on this) seem right up my alley. Anti-BB hypertrophy also is appealing because of my need to put on mass. At the same time, Westside principles also sound like they could be the way to go.
Ive got about 22 weeks before preseason workouts. What type of training protocol do you recommend I utilize over this period?
In case it?s at all relevant, my stats are:
6foot, 230lbs. 11bf, Bench 385, Squat 600, Deadlift 600, Clean 290
Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you very much for your time.

When using a pendulum approach you can also use ABBH at the same time, as part of the pendulum cycle.

Week 1: Typical Hypertrophy training
Week 2: ABBH
Week 3: Limit strength and power
Week 4: ABBH
Week 5: Limit strength and power
Week 6: Typical Hypertrophy training
Week 7: ABBH
Week 8: Limit strength and power
Week 9: ABBH
Week 10: Limit strength and power
Week 11: Typical Hypertrophy training
Week 12: ABBH
Week 13: Limit strength and power
Week 13: ABBH
Week 14: Limit strength and power
Week 16: Typical Hypertrophy training
Week 17: ABBH
Week 18: Limit strength and power
Week 19: ABBH
Week 20: Limit strength and power
Week 21: Power only

Hey. I train submission fighting with Western boxing and wrestling as my base, and I use a lot of the stuff from the old superbeast log that someone posted. My cousin’s wrestling juco next year and I gave him a lot of stuff from that program, which worked pretty well (16-0 until he broke his hand). I can give you more stuff later but I got class.
BTW there’s a description of CT’s standard athletic program, not the pendulum but a newer version of training blocks, floating around another forum. I don’t remember the details, but it’s 3 full body workouts/wk with a different focus each day, sorta conjugated.