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CT Carb Cycling ?

Hey, CT reccomends a relatively high ammount of carbs even on the low carb days.

For the wanting to bulk athlete, arent NO CARB DAYS better ? or at least ketogenic days ?

they are off days anyway.


You can’t have a “ketogenic” day. To still have a high yield on no-carb your body has to adapt to the no-carb so that it switches to using ketone bodies instead, which takes some time (1+ weeks). Athletes need carb to replenish glycogen stores so that they perform at a great level so you should keep some carbs. You could go lower on off-days and see how it affects your training.

It depends on how well you handle carbs. For the average guy, carb cycling comes down to eating carbs for breakfast and maybe three hours after that on off days, then adding the PW shake and PPW P+C meal on training days. Start with what Thib recommends and adjust as needed.

thanks guys… another question

CT is just saying how to eat the carbs on workout days.
its always breakfast, and PW

but what about off days ? spread throughout the day ?

I think there are too many variables to be able to give a straight answer. Where you’re at now in your training, what your body is used to, how easily you gain muscle/fat, your goals, etc.

I think instead of asking us what CT would recommend, you should probably ask CT him self in his locker room thread: