CT Book Release

Hi CT,
New book still on track to release this month ?

We pushed it to mid november, Paul wanted to add a chapter and we are waiting for Meadows to write the foreword

will there be a kindle version?

No, we will have only a hardcopy version

But international shipping right? :relieved:

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Paul Carter? If there’s a book by Thibs, him AND Meadows, I’ll get it sure as hell.

Will the book be sold through the Biotest online store?

No just Paul and I. Meadows is doing the foreword only

It’s not my call. I’m only a writer :wink:

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Well you guys are the top three writers on T-Nation to me so 2/3 will do :grin: What’s the book about btw? I couldn’t find any info on the site.

Thanks for the kind words, but you shouldn’t forget a guy like John Rusin who puts out amazing stuff

It’s called “The Maximum Muscle Bible”… that should give you a clue


I’ll have to check him out. Thanks!

the wait as the book is shipped to me in new Zealand is going to be torture!

Coach, can you bring it to Poland in January? If so, I would like to buy it there because sometimes amazon.com doesn’t ship books to Poland.

Sure, I’ll bring a few

you can bring some to Chile too when you come over

Haven’t anything about going to Chile (I have a seminar in Poland)

Ever visited or planning to visit Finland by any chance?

It;s not in the plans at the moment, but it would sure be nice toi visit

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