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CT Article!


Hey Everyone!

I decided to start a thread, hoping that the number of votes generated, would maybe persuade Christian to write an article on the undulating conjugate block training. If you don't know what it is, please feel free to look it up as a post in Da Thib Zone.

Basically is your Accumulation/Intensification Blocks, with the essence of undulation and conjugate.

In a give accumulation block, 50% of total volume will be devoted to hypertrophy, while 20% is devoted to maintaining strength, and another 20% to Power.

In an intensification block, it is vice versa, and 50% will be for strength, and the 40% for maintaining size and power.

Same as for an explosion block.

This is similar to louie's philosophy of using the theories of Max Effort, Rep Method, and Dynamic effort, however in the forms of weeks, not days.

Anyway, if any of you here are interested in seeing an article on this, please post!



Why don't you just buy his book? Aren't these topics covered?


I have CT's black book on PDF but ive since decided that PDF's are shitty.

A book is "their" infront of you so if anyone knows where i can get modern trends as a book i'd be greatful.

Im up for any CT article. And pics of Christiane.

Does she have any single friends who like fat lads? errr...i mean "off season" guys?


you seem to have this "down" anyways - why not get more literature and have a crack at a six month cycle utilising your knowledge?

im still up for any CT article.


I would really like to read more about the conjugate via CT as well.


I own CT's Black Book. It is a great book with great depth and insight on training. However, the surface of block training, in my opinion, has only been scratched. There is a lot more on block training, and I was just hoping that maybe in the future, there would be an article that would shed more light on the subject.

I was just taking a poll in hope to show TC that there might be a high interest in it, and wanted to know if there was a possibility for this article. But thanks for those to show support.


I'd be very interested in an article on this.